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-shetland sheepdog-

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
R.I.P Arson
To the sweetest and friendliest dog we have ever met.

Rest In Peace

Ch Ragtime Thornapplewheresthe Fire - Arson

Our Deepest Condolences.

Saturday, February 13, 2010
Happy Chinese New Year !

We have been so busy with final year projects, tests, presentations and assignments recently :( Missed the sheltie group gathering and the dog show at Tampines one .. Neglecting this space too.

Now, here we are, together with Fraser, Diva, Mambo, Mebo and baby Ruthie to wish everybody a Prosperous New year ahead !
祝大家新年快乐, 心想事成 !

Sunday, January 10, 2010
Doggie overload ~ !!
With Enzo here since thursday, there's a total count of 5 dogs in our house and tadah ! Wally is here to stay too !
Hahas Fraser is so happy to have the boys around, (so embarrass to say this ) he keep kissing the both of them !?! I have no idea what is in his empty skull ....

Diva is kept busy pulling their tails, that's her favourite thing to do to her puppies, be it ruthie, reyla, enzo or wally. Most of the time wally gets forgiven while enzo and ruthie gets a real tough tail grabbing by her.
Ruthie is the only unhappy dog now, she hates it when everybody starts to divert their attention to the cute and absolutely cuddly boys. She's voicing out her unhappiness, by barking for attention - #@%&^*
Oh, she snaps at her brothers too, for sniffing her butt tooooo much. I don't correct that, thought it's rather good for her to teach those teenage boys :P

Well, dogs are really addictive i must agree, just can't get enough of them :)
Off to play with them ! ~

Saturday, January 9, 2010
Enzo in the house
Yup, Enzo is here to stay :) his parents are overseas and we have this lovable big boy here all to ourselves ! * huggin him *

Like wally, once enzo realize his parents are gone, he whines and went in a frantic search for them. He paws the door, sits at the door and waited there ... until ruthie tempted him to a game of chase.
Enzo is fine now, having fun chasing the rest, playing fetch and snatching toys from Mebo.
They were all having fun until mebo challenge enzo to a game of 'stare' and like typical ah bengs, the two boys soon engaged themselves in a fight -__-
It lasted no longer than 2 mins. I got a bad shock when i found blood on Enzo's collar ! hahas it turned out to be Mebo's blood, that rascal must have bitten his own tongue while trying to bite enzo -____-

Everything is fine now, the two sometimes 'quarrel' while in a game of fetch but enzo always give in :) Proud of the boy !

As i'm typing, all dogs are lying around with Enzo replacing ruthie's place, resting his head on my lap <3

p/s. ruthie is getting a wee bit jealous alr. she obviously don't fancy the idea of having 2 babies in th family. LOL

Mebo turns 2 !
Happy birthday to the terrorist, Mebo. :)

Time flies, from a cute innocent puppy, he have 'level up' to a true blue terrorist of our lil gang of shelties.

Hereby wishing Mebo a happy birthday and be as fun-loving as always <33

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Ruthie is on heat again !

She seems to be on heat so frequently :( and is always at the wrong time ?! Her previous heat was in July, during her birthday party with the rest of her siblings. so she's the only one there wearing pampers ( cute panties actually ).

Looks like she's gonna miss the Christmas Gathering on 26 dec. :((

Thursday, November 5, 2009
nicknames ^^
this space have been neglected for such a long time !

like the title suggested, i would like to list down the nicknames of our 5 silly babies.
Everyone (almost ?) have their own nickname and so do our dogs ! (:

Fraser : 帅哥 (handsome in mandarin ) , 阿呆 (blur ) , ser ser , ser-rie, fatty, smelly, 毛毛( hairy)

Diva : 美女 ( pretty girl ), va va, 女人 ( women )

Mambo : 小娘惹. (little nonya. don't ask me why, conan calls him that and he response to the name !! ), mam mam, bobo, fat fat

Mebo : 小坏蛋 ( little naughty ), fat ass -he has a BIG butt =D , girl girl , NO !!!!! - what we have to repeat several times a day to him, thus is like his nickname ? LOL

Ruthie : fifi, ruth, baby girl, 小可爱 ( little cutie ) , kiss kiss, mei mei, cutie pie - only conan calls her that, so unfair i know :(

it's funny to know the story behind their nicknames and how they eventually response to all those nicknames above. Kinda fun to list down all their nicknames at a go, didn't realise the no. of names they each have until now. LOL

Blog about your dog's nicknames too !

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